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干预令-Intervention Order

Updated: 30 Oct 2020

被告姓名: 案件号码:

地址; 出生年月日:
或大致年龄: 岁

于某年某月某日 于初级法院(法院名称)

针对你的法令下达时, 你在此法庭出庭.


警告: 如果你不遵守此法令,会逮捕你并且起诉你刑事犯罪罪名.在维州, 违反此法令最高刑罚为600 单元的罚款和/或最长达五年入狱.


受影响的第一个家人的姓名: First Named Affected Family member


  1. 严禁被告对受保护人(们)实施家庭暴力
    备注: 根据<2008年反家庭暴力保护法>的定义, 家庭暴力是指以下行为: 对家人身体上的虐待, 性虐待,情感虐待或心理虐待,经济虐待,威胁,高压胁迫或者以任何其它方式控制或支配家人; 并且使得家人对自己或别人的安全感到害怕;对其身心健康担忧.
  2. 严禁被告故意损坏受保护人(们)的任何财产或者威胁这么做.
  3. 严禁被告企图找到受保护人,跟踪他(们)或监视他或她.
  4. 严禁被告在互联网上通过电子邮件或其它电子通讯方式发表受保护人(们)的任何材料.
  5. 严禁被告和受保护人以任何方式联系或沟通.
  6. 严禁被告在受保护人周围五米内停留或接近他.
  7. 严禁被告在受保护人地址(具体地址)200米之内停留, 严禁被告在受保护人居住,工作,上学或上托儿所的地方200米之内停留.
  8. 本法令严禁你做的事, 你不得找别人替你做.

(a) 家庭法令,儿童保护令或探视儿童安排协议里面规定可以做的任何事,你可以做
(b) 你可以通过信件,电子邮件或发短信协商安排探视孩子
(c) 你可以与受保护人通过律师或调解员沟通
(d) 你可以安排和/或参与咨询或调解
(e) 在警察陪同下, 或在申请人选派的一个人的陪同下, 你可以回到受保护人的家中取出自己的个人物品.


Magistrates’ court Family Violence Protection Act 2008
Intervention order
Respondent’s name: Case Nr:

Address; D.O.B
Or approximate age: years

On dd/mm/year at the magistrates’ Court at (court name)

A Court Order was made against you. You were at Court.


WARNING: If you do not obey this Order you may be arrested and charged with a criminal offence. In Victoria, a contravention of this Order carries a maximum penalty of 600 penalty units and/or 5 years imprisonment.


The following person/s are protected by this order:
First Named Affected Family member

The Court orders that the respondent must not:

  1. .Commit family violence against the protected person(s).
    • Note: The Family Violence Protection Act 2008 defines family violence as behaviour by a person towards a family member of that person that is physically or sexually abusive; or emotionally or psychologically abusive; or economically abusive; or threatening; or coercive; or in any other way controls or dominates the family member and causes that family member to feel fear for the safety or wellbeing of that family member or another person.
    • Family violence includes behaviour that causes a child to hear or witness or otherwise be exposed to the effects of these behaviours.
  2. Intentionally damage any property of the protected person(s) or threaten to do so.
  3. .Attempt to locate, follow the protected person(s) or keep them under surveillance.
  4. Publish on the internet, by email or other electronic communication any material about the protected person(s).
  5. Contact or communicate with a protected person by any means.
  6. Approach or remain within 5 metres of a protected person.
  7. Go to or remain within 200 metres of (address) or any other place where a protected person lives, works or attends school/childcare.
  8. Get another person to do anything the respondent must not do under this order.

OTH order:
The respondent may:
(a) anything that is permitted by a Family Law Act order, a child protection order or a written agreement about child arrangements; or
(b) negotiate child arrangements by letter, email or text message; or
(c) communicate with a protected person through a lawyer of mediator; or
(d) arrange and / or participate in counselling or mediation; or
(e) .go to the home of a protected person, in the company of a police officer or a person chosen by the applicant, to collect person property

.BUT ONLY IF the respondent does not commit family violence while doing so

By the court


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