在澳洲 什么是Super?

Superannuation (ATO Definitions): A system where money is placed in a fund to provide for a person’s retirement. Often shortened to ‘super’.

Extra notes:Super(退休公积金)和pension(养老金)的区别:.
Pension: a regular payment made by the state to people of or above the official retirement age and to some widows and disabled people. (defined by Oxford languages)
这两者主要区别在于收入来源。Super(退休公积金)是还在工作时由雇主或雇员自己把钱交入基金会里投资;到了退休年龄后,雇员可以申请支取作为退休后的收入。而pension(养老金)是由政府福利部门对当事人资产评估后,定期按规定发放的款项 。要申请 Aged Pension也必须到法定退休年龄 。

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