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BiYi Fang

I am a NAATI Certified interpreter (English–Mandarin) and translator (from English into Chinese) since 2005. I am a service provider for WorkSafe too.

Apart from English and Mandarin, I am also fluent in Shanghainese and understand some dialects spoken in Zhejiang province in China, which is useful in facilitating efficient communication during my interpreting work. I specialise in legal interpreting and over the years have worked for law firms, the Victorian Police, the AFP, Legal Aid, the Fair Work Commission & Ombudsman, VCAT and different courts including the Federal Family Court and the Supreme Court of Victoria and so on.

I am deeply passionate and highly motivated about my work. Not only do I actively attend professional development training, I also use my spare time to study online legal courses to improve my understanding of the Australian legal system, terminologies, and principles. Furthermore, I am a coordinator in charge of CITAA’s (Chinese Interpreters and Translators Association of Australia) project, the “Australian Legal Glossary”, aiming to improve Mandarin legal interpreting standards for the whole industry.

More about BiYiI also play an active role in our industry. Over decades I worked as an AUSIT (Australian Institute of Interpreters and Translators) committee member; served as the NAATI (National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters) RAC representative; and I am currently the Vice President of CITAA (Chinese Interpreters and translators Association of Australia) . I look forward to working with my clients facing different challenges and providing excellent service for you.

Lynn Ling Li

I am a NAATI Certified Translator and Interpreter (into Chinese and into English) since 2007.

I hold a Bachelor of Economics degree from the University of Business and Economics, Beijing, and a Master of Professional Communications degree with Merit from the University of Sydney.

As a NAATI certified translator, I specialise in translating official documents. My clients include companies, law firms, banks, migration agencies, financial brokers, doctors and hospitals. I am also very experienced in transcribing and translating audio files.

As an interpreter I specialise in business and technicall interpreting. I mainly assist government agencies and businesses in their training, negotiations, meetings and visits etc.

Sue Chen

I am NAATI-certified Chinese<=>English translator and interpreter since 1997.

I speak English, Cantonese and Mandarin. I specialize in healthcare, public policy, legal matters, business and commerce, education, information technology, social media and web content localization.

I love translation because of its unique role in connecting people. Never was there a more exciting time to be a translator than a fast and live electronic communication age that is today.

Even more so during a global pandemic, with the ‘excitement’ part taking up a sombre tone. Since February, Australian translators have been in the action centre of real time communication between governments and ethnic communities in effort to fight COVID-19. I am proud to be alongside with my colleagues in this effort.

More about Sue

My translation is informed by post-graduate study in a number of fields. I received my Master of Public Policy and Management from Monash University in 2015. My post-graduate translation and interpreting training was completed at Deakin University (1997). Since then, following long-held personal interests, I studied and completed PGrad.Dip in Computer Education at University of Melbourne (2002), Grad.Dip in Psychology at Monash University (2004), and Dip. of Professional Counselling at Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors (2005).

I also freelance as an on-site and telephone interpreter. Quite often I am called to help with immigration interviews, court appearance, police taking a statement, medical consultation, general inquiries made to local councils, utility retailers and other public services.

Our associates

From time to time we also work with colleagues when we need to bring in certain expertise or extra staff.

We recently welcomed Joseph Tu and Kim Song to join our team.

Joseph Tu

Joseph is originally from Taiwan.

His tertiary and post-graduate education were in municipal administration, business, international trade.

He completed his formal training in interpreting and translating in Australia in 1993. Since then he has taught and practiced interpreting and translating as a career.

He was one of the co-recipients of the AUSIT Best Interpreters of the Year Award in 2013.

Joseph speaks fluent English, Mandarin Chinese, and to lesser extent some Taiwanese and Cantonese dialects.   

More about Joseph

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Last updated: Oct. 2021.