Translation Works

Welcome to Translation Works.

We are BiYi, Lynn and Sue, three exceptional, experienced and dedicated Chinese-English translators and interpreters.

We are NAATI certified and based in Melbourne, Australia. We offer:

  • translation from Chinese to English
  • translation from English to Chinese
  • interpreting for English, Mandarin, Shanghainese and Cantonese
  • transcribing plus translation from Chinese to English
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Get to know more about us
Get to know more about us

Between us, we have served the Chinese community in Victoria for over 30 years. We worked alongside of professionals from courts, law enforcement, hospitals, schools, telecommunications and government agencies. We helped bringing these vital services to people most in need.

Along the way, lots of lessons are learned. Chief among them, research and preparation go a long way. Due diligence has also served us well.

This site is also a repository of translation and interpreting resources and trade tools. It is constant work of progress. We welcome everyone interested in English and Chinese to use it or contribute to our pool of resources.

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We also cooperate with colleagues from other fields of expertise or whose availability complement ours so together we ensure all our clients’ needs are met.